Sunset Photography

Sunset Photography

How to develop creative art direction through simple visuals.

Clouds reflections

Clouds are very important subjects to build the composition of a sunset photography. When clouds don't hide the sun and when they're at the right altitude, they reflect sun rays and give you a great show. Every minutes, the scene evolves in resonance with the declining course of the sun.

The main character

The brightest star in the sky, you've got to live with it's rythm to take a picture of him. During winter, you've got to be lucky to see it behind the clouds and if the cold doesn't freeze your hands, you may be lucky enough to feel it's heat reminding you of summer.

Infinite declination

Every sunrise and every sunset occures on singular conditions. It offers you a fresh new scene every time you see one.

Extended Portfolio

Soonly available here, Extended Portfolio with more HQ pictures, descriptions and quotes.