Mastery of Technicity, Knowledge and Insomnia.

Make a (double) wish !

If you're lucky during your observation of the night sky, you will have the chance to observe the brief apearence of bright travelers. Impossible to anticipate, you can barely see them and they have already disappeared. You see them, this moment is yours, make a wish !

Above Light Pollution

Astrophotography is the art to capture light from billion kilometers away but it's also your worst enemy at few hundreads of meters. You've got to runaway from light to be able to capture a few shy ray of deepsky light.

How not to say a single word on this one.

On this day, it's the picture i'm the most proud of. My very first astrophotography practise was with the comet Neowise, in July 2020.

A timeless picture for an unforgetabble moment.

Extended Portfolio

Soonly available here, Extended Portfolio with more HQ pictures, descriptions and quotes.